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what: web app
where: Processing Workshop. IUAV
Coordinator: Till Nagel
when: 2010
who: Alberto ElizondoGianni Cardone,Carla Piazza and Fosca Salvi
prototyped with: ProcessingMealTweet is a program that shows tweets about meals around the world. It's a tool for showing the contrast of meal times in different regions and how arbitrary meal times can sometimes be. It also shows the range of languages used when tweeting about breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We combined Processing with Twitter using the Processing XML Library. Tweets were compiled using specific search criteria; we could retrieve each possible post thanks to Twitter's API console for specific parameters (e.g. geocode).

Different tweets are placed accordingly to their location, time and description in a map. Each meal is represent by a shape and color and placed respectively on the map according to the information retrieved from Twitter.

I worked on the combination of Processing and Twitter's data, coding how to get and visualize correctly each dot/tweet on an European Map (using the tweets geolocation). I then put together the different sections of the program developed by the other team members.