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On 21, mag 2012 | No Comments | In | By Charlie

Doodle. Interactive device to get in contact

Doodle is a magic book, a virtual bridge between people. Working in pair, it creates an intimate, reciprocal and fun real-time contact between family members who live far from each other. Using the conductive properties of graphite, it allows to share an interactive musical experience which translates drawing into sound reproducted simultaneously on both sides of the bridge.

It is configured as pair of interactive books that connect two people far from each other. It understands if someone is present in its environment and sends a feedback to the twin Doodle. If both users open Doodle and start drawing, the books become like musical instruments.


Video scenario

Doodle, a white pages book with LEDs cover, has two main properties: symbolize co-presence by using a light code on the cover and allow an interactive musical experience which translates drawings into sounds reproduced simultaneously on both devices. Thanks to the conductive properties of graphite, Doodle is able to produce different sounds according to the length of the graphite trace.


Step through

I worked on the prototype, taking care of the circuit aspect and coding the control LEDs cover part. I get the set for the videos, shooting and editing all of them.

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WHAT: interactive device to get in contact
WHERE: IxD Studio • IUAV University of Venice
PROFs.: Philip Tabor and Gillian Crampton Smith
WHEN: February – May 2011
WHO: Gianni Cardone, Carla Piazza and Nicola Vittori
PROTOTYPED WITH: Arduino and Processing